SNES – Arabian Nights ScreenshotSNES – Arabian Nights ScreenshotSNES – Arabian Nights ScreenshotSNES – Arabian Nights Screenshot

Arabian Nights


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The desert is a mysterious world where monsters and spirits live.

The curtain of an adventure was raised by that word of a girl! Here, it is a mysterious world where monsters, spirits, and humans live. A lonely girl, Shokran, lives in that world. A certain day, she picked up a strange ring. They say that the former spirit king “Ifrit” is sealed in the ring, and he will fulfill one wish for anything. The tenderhearted girl said to Ifrit whom she approaches, “A wish, Mr. Spirit of the ring. To bring peace to this world…” A player decides an advanced way! A multi-scenario and ending! Discover the spirit of a friend who sleeps somewhere in this world! Advantageously develop a battle using the “field of cards.”

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Weight7 oz
Dimensions7 x 5 x 1.5 in


Number of Players

1-2 Player, Alternating

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