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Bio Force Ape


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A scientist is researching bio-genetics, in hopes to develop a serum that can biologically engineer animals to become smarter and help mankind. He makes a breakthrough in his research, but when a drug cartel discovers the news of the scientist and his serum, they kidnap him and his family leaving only their pet monkey, Naughty, behind. Distraught and angry, Naughty drinks the serum and transforms into the Bio Force Ape.

Guide Naughty through a high paced maze of action unlike you have ever experienced on the Nintendo Entertainment System! Take out your enemies with devastiting wresting moves and navigate through blistering speeds. Bio Force Ape is the ultimate action game you never imagined you would experience!

  • Naughty is plunged into a maze!
  • Powerbomb, piledriver, suplex!
  • High speed mine carts! Keep up!

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Weight7 oz
Dimensions7 x 5 x 1.5 in


Number of Players

1 Player

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