Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds


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Seven people “appeared out of nowhere” and begin questioning about the Parallel Tower and the inhabitants of Kakariko Village. The Parallel Tower was situated in the Sky Islands northeast of the village. The legend behind the Parallel Tower was long lost and only the elders knew the legend.

The king was notified of these seven people and he invited them to the castle to find out what they wanted wit hthe tower. Just the night before the seven people are to have an audience with the king, the king’s assistant, Draegor, eliminates the king and claims the throne for himself.

When the people learned of the king’s fate, a rebel force is gathered in secret to plot agains Draegor.

You hear about this plan and are willing to help the rebels against Draegor. The night of the operation begins the story…

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1-2 Player, Alternating

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